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Burr Truck currently offers options to purchase new electric trucks from two industry leaders–Volvo and Workhorse. We're here to help every step of the way from infrastructure, to financing to delivery and repair. Our team is professionally trained in electric trucking solutions.


We are the longest standing Volvo Trucks dealer in the United States. Volvo VNR Electric Trucks feature up to 85% improvement in range, faster charging, and a wider range of configurations.

We are the first Workhorse distribution and service provider in New York State and the Premier Northeast Dealership. Class 4-6 Workhorse Electric Trucks are now available. 

VIDEO: Electric Trucks | Leading The Charge To Zero Tailpipe Emissions

Your New York  State Qualified, Experienced Infrastructure Planning Specialists – Site Evaluation & Future Planning

Burr Truck Electric Vehicles, a division of Burr Truck, is early adopter in the battery-electric trucking industry. We've fostered new relationships and built on existing ones to become experts in the field with service providers.


We urge you not to wait to get started on your path towards zero emissions. There are many considerations that need to be made, and once decided there will be a period of time that it will take to electrify your infrastructure. Waiting will only further delay.
Burr Truck offers a full spectrum of electric trucking solutions including class 4-8 vehicles, financing, site planning, charging infrastructure, service, maintenance, and training. We're also here to help with EV funding including grant writing and tax credits. Offset your upfront costs to switch to battery-electric trucking!

Burr Truck also currently has the only Level 3 DC Fast Charge station in Broome County! This is is the fastest way to charge an EV. Level 3 charging delivers more power at a faster rate.

Is Battery Electric Power a solution for you?If so, Mark can help!

Mark will work with you as a consultant, not just a truck sales person. From infrastructure to chargers, to safety and grant information, Mark is experienced in the process of electrification from beginning to end, and he’s here to help! Give him a call at 607-729-2211 or email to get started.
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