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Workhorse Electric Trucks

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Deep customer focus. Factory floor know-how. All working together to electrify what’s next in last-mile delivery.

Going Further with Electric at Burr Truck + Workhorse

Step up to electric delivery with class 4-6 trucks from Workhorse. All-electric vehicles designed for people who get things done. Workhorse builds dependable all electric work trucks designed to cut costs, reduce emissions, and lead the way to sustainability. Made with durable components and intuitive features our vehicles are engineered to make every job smarter, safer, and more productive than before.


Changing work for good.

Workhorse Electric Truck Models


With a flexible cab chassis and variable cargo space, you can customize the W4 CC to fit your fleet. Modular, capable, and spacious, it’s the ideal truck for last-mile delivery, specialty trades, and more. Whatever you’re hauling, the W4 CC can handle it.


When it’s time to get to work, the all-electric W750 is the answer. This capable truck comes ready to roll with a spacious cargo hold, hefty payload capacity, and impressive range. It’s the durable work vehicle you can depend on.



Engineered with fleet operators and their drivers in mind, the brand new W56 reimagines the way you get work done. Durable, ergonomic, and backed by Workhorse’s industry expertise, the W56 is an excellent choice when you’re carrying a higher payload.

Premier Northeast Workhorse Dealership

Burr Truck is the First Workhorse Distribution and Service Partner in New York.

The growth of e-commerce and home delivery has been a boon for fleet operators. But with this comes the exponentially higher maintenance and fuel costs associated with more internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Electric trucks reduce your fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants in neighborhoods and on route, while providing significant maintenance and operations savings. This means keeping your trucks on the road with less hassle and expense, while leaving a smaller carbon footprint every mile along the way. Workhorse electric trucks can be charged using both Level 2 and Level 3 charging systems to deliver a range of charging options.

Burr Truck is an EV Certified Dealership. We are fully educated on guiding customers through the transition towards electromobility solutions, and our service teams are trained and equipped to safely perform battery-electric truck maintenance and repairs.

Workhorse Electric Trucks Videos

Is Battery Electric Power a solution for you?If so, Mark can help!

Mark will work with you as a consultant, not just a truck sales person. From infrastructure to chargers, to safety and grant information, Mark is experienced in the process of electrification from beginning to end, and he’s here to help! Give him a call at 607-729-2211 or email to get started.

Burr Truck is New York State's First Workhorse Distribution and Service Partner

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