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Burr Truck + Volvo

Let’s Talk Fuel Economy Savings.

The all-new Volvo I-Torque is a game changer. LEARN MORE

Burr Truck is the Longest Standing Volvo Dealer in the US

Volvo Trucks and Burr Truck have been trucking together since the start. In fact, we are the longest standing Volvo Trucks dealer in the United States. As an authorized dealer for Volvo commercial trucks, we have a team of certified technicians that can handle everything from preventive maintenance to warranty work. Check out the full line of Volvo trucks, built for the long haul.

Burr Truck has the Volvo commercial trucks you need to keep your business moving. With Volvo, you can depend on fuel efficiency, driver productivity, safety, and uptime. 

Fuel Efficiency

Vital for Your Business & the Planet

Volvo Trucks is always trying to find new and improved ways to make Volvo commercial trucks the most fuel-efficient trucks on the road. Fuel efficiency is more than a single feature; it’s a combination of customized solutions working together in perfect harmony. The result is fuel efficiency custom built to cut your operating costs.


Volvo’s full family of engines is built on a foundation of proven, developed architecture that leverages innovative hardware to maximize performance and efficiency.


Digital Intelligence

Volvo has made the industry’s most advanced automated manual transmission even better. The latest edition of the Volvo I-Shift transmission includes upgraded hardware and software, greater durability, and a new countershaft brake for improved performance and smoother, faster shifting.


Intelligent Cruise Control

Combine the Volvo I-Shift transmission with an intelligent cruise control and you get I-See predictive cruise. It’s a unique system that learns the topography of the road for greater fuel savings.

Turbo Compounding

For applications operating primarily at cruise speed, Volvo’s D13TC uses turbo compounding to recover lost energy and save fuel. By employing a secondary exhaust turbine downstream of the main turbocharger, the normally lost energy is routed to the flywheel, recovering as much as 50 hp and helping to improve fuel economy by up to 11% compared to our previous generation of powertrains.

Driver Productivity

Turning Knowledge into Profits for You

When you choose Volvo Trucks, you know your driver will be surrounded with an optimum work environment and the best support services. Volvo Trucks are built on a proven, solid chassis that delivers a smooth ride, and precise, nimble handling. Optimized seat design and positioning, along with a dashboard, put the driver comfortably in command, helping them maximize productivity.


Driving Displays

A more symmetrical instrument cluster combines well-organized traditional gauge faces with a high-resolution, five-inch color LCD screen. The programmable LCD screen can be configured to display a wide range of vehicle data alerts and system settings.


System Controls

To keep the driver’s hands on the wheel, multiple systems can be controlled through steering wheel-mounted switches. The touch-friendly switch layout enables cruise control, entertainment and other settings to be changed without diverting attention from the road. The steering wheel and controls are always close at hand, thanks to a three-motion tilt/telescope wheel.

Optional Infotainment System

A more symmetrical instrument cluster combines well-organized traditional gauge faces with a high-resolution, five-inch color LCD screen. The programmable LCD screen can be configured to display a wide range of vehicle data alerts and system settings.


A Core Values & Top Priority Since the Earliest Days of Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks has been prioritizing safety since 1927. It's been the guiding principle for everything Volvo builds. Volvo invented the three-point safety belt, and Volvo was the the first to introduce it as a standard feature in trucks. Volvo also introduced the driver-side airbag, Volvo Trucks and are still the only truck manufacturer to include it as standard in every vehicle made. Building on this legacy, Volvo has upgraded to standard LED lighting for improved visibility, standard forward collision warning and mitigation for emergency braking situations, as well as optional seat with side airbag for rollover protection.

Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST)

By continually monitoring operating parameters, VEST detects imminent loss of control, jackknife, or rollover events. The system automatically reduces engine torque and selectively applies braking to help keep the truck on course.

Volvo I-Shift Transmission

I-Shift takes away the physical and mental demands of changing gears, which reduces driver fatigue and provides more time for the driver to give full attention to surrounding traffic.

Adaptive Loading

The infotainment system is an available option in every Volvo model. It features a seven-inch color touch screen and an integrated premium audio system. Drivers can also choose to install navigation tools and a wide selection of third-party applications.

Uptime & Connectivity

Volvo Connect is Making the Future a Reality

Volvo is the hands down leader in connectivity. For our customers, it means we are simply the best at delivering proactive recommendations, which can prevent costly unplanned service stops. Volvo has developed a best-in-class, real-time diagnostic system, available in every truck we build. Unparalleled connectivity and service experts available 24/7. It's an advantage for updates and repairs that can turn days into hours, and hours into minutes.


Remote Diagnostics

On board every Volvo-powered truck is the industry's most advanced telematics and real-time diagnostic system.



With Volvo's web-based portal, ASIST, you can receive electronic estimates, approve repairs, and communicate directly with a dealer like Burr Truck.

The award-winning eXceptional Efficiency (XE) packages show Volvo’s commitment to efficiency without sacrificing performance. XE isn’t a single fuel-saving feature; it’s a completely customized solution that perfectly matches your vehicle and powertrain settings to the needs of your business. It all starts with choosing the right Volvo engine and matching it with I-Shift. Then we help you choose the optimum efficiency package based on your application. Together, these factors can help you save up to an additional 0.2 mpg or more. That can mean savings of as much as $2,000 per year, per truck.

Let's get rolling...

Burr Truck

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