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Thinking About EV Trucking?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Move your fleet towards zero emissions.

If you are thinking about transitioning to an electric fleet (aren't we all?!) then let's talk – there is no need to wait. Now is the time to start adding in electric vehicles to a traditionally internal combustion engine fleet. We are your partner in this, and we can help you get it done seamlessly by guiding you every step of the way.

Volvo EV Trucking

We're assuming you already know all the benefits of EV, and there are many, so let's get right to a few manageable steps that can get you started.


Battery Life Range

Will you need to adjust your routes so that your EV trucks can stay within their battery life range? Battery technology is constantly improving. In fact, the latest enhanced VNR Electric models that Volvo offers feature up to an 85% improvement in range, faster charging, and a wider range of configurations.

Payloads will need the same battery considerations. An expanded six-battery system now provides greater flexibility in hauling. This six-battery configuration makes electrification viable for a wide range of local and regional fleet operations. Volvo 6x2 and 6x4 offerings can cover up to 275 miles on a single charge.

Fuel Savings

When it comes to your bottom line, not everything in your total cost of ownership consideration is an expense. Moving from combustion engines to electric will save you money, but just how much? Be sure to evaluate your fuel savings.



Don’t forget about energy infrastructure when you are calculating the total cost of ownership. This is potentially the largest hurdle when it comes to fleet electrification. No doubt you need to be able to charge, but how will this be done efficiently on-site for your fleet? You need to understand what energy you have coming into your facility. This will likely need upgrading to the most efficient, yet future-planning levels, needed because the energy required for charging these large batteries is multiplied by much more than an EV car like a Tesla. Be sure to plan for the future, so that your needs continue to be met. A site evaluation is a must-do in your EV planning for this expense.

Partnering with a qualified and experienced firm that specializes in energy supply levels and charging equipment installation is key. From understanding the budget, the current energy available, the equipment you plan to run, how many units you will run, and the mileage each day, they can determine which type of commercial EV charging infrastructure you are going to need. From there, they can manage the energy upgrade and install the charging stations. Many OEMs have existing relationships with firms that can provide a turn-key solution for you. They will bundle the construction and infrastructure investment, the truck, and the charging station all into a single payment plan.


Tax Credits

Did you know that your company may be eligible for federal tax credits for new commercial electric vehicles? The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) is a piece of legislation that includes a section (45W) that provides new tax credits until the end of 2032. Of course, paperwork and documentation are required for IRA electric commercial vehicle tax credit eligibility, but it is worth the effort.

The tax credit is the lessor of:

  • 30% of the EV sale price OR

  • 30% of the incremental cost difference of the EV compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle

There are set tax credit caps dependent on the GVWR:

  • Max $7,500 for vehicles less than 14,000 lbs. GVWR

  • Max $40,000 for vehicles over 14,001 lbs. GVWR

The Burr Truck financial team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get every possible funding resource available to you. There are also additional government and energy/utility incentives and rebates to offset the costs of charging infrastructure installation and construction. While the initial cost of commercial electric vehicles is higher than traditional fuel-dependent combustion vehicles, these funding options can bring those costs more in line.


Our medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial truck team have knowledge about the EV trucks themselves, financial support, infrastructure development and more. We have the expertise you need, backed by our OEM partner technology, to get EV into your fleet sooner than you may think.

Burr Truck will help determine if EV is the right solution for your fleet and will support setting up a site evaluation, spec'ing out charging solutions, providing grant applications, and end-to-end financing, installation, maintenance, optimization, and support. We're ready to support you with certified EV service down the road.


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