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The New Volvo VNL: Volvo Trucks Lineup Overview

Fuel efficient design, leading-edge safety, productivity and comfort, and unparalleled connectivity.

Volvo Trucks VNL 300 | Volvo VNL | Volvo Trucks
Volvo Trucks VNL 300: Premium Day Cab Ideal for Short-haul Routes

We recently came across this article over at Fleet Equipment. It does a great job of highlighting the media event that Volvo Trucks rolled out for the All-New VNL unveiling.

It notes that this generation has a 10% fuel efficiency improvement over the previous iteration. “The battery electric truck market is 1,000 trucks today, but a 10% increase in fuel efficiency in 300,000 trucks, which was approximately the truck market last year, is equivalent to putting 30,000 battery electric trucks on the road,” noted Kyle Zimmerman, manager public relations, ​Volvo Trucks North America. “That’s decarbonization; we’re committed to sustainability.” The new VNLs have an estimated $20,000 savings compared to the previous VNL iteration.

“Aerodynamics accounts for 7% of our fuel efficiency improvements," noted Bobby Compton, product marketing manager, Volvo Trucks North America. Compton provided a bird’s eye view of the new VNL aerodynamics. On the right is the previous VNL model and on the left is the new VNL that touts a “wedge-shaped design” in order to cut through the wind and fairings that aim to close up areas that contributed to fuel efficiency losses, like the tractor-trailer gap.

The article also notes that perhaps one of the biggest changes fleets will experience of the VNL is the spec’ing process. Volvo Trucks North America is offering spec’ing packages aimed at created the most fuel efficiency, safest trucks for specific applications.

VOLVO VNL 300 Day Cab (Flat Roof)

Our premium day cab is ideal for short-haul routes that cover both city and highway driving. The integrated roof fairing provides improved aerodynamics for general freight and refrigerated deliveries. Historically, the VNL day cab was preferred equipment for drivers in the National Truck Driving Championships thanks to its outstanding visibility and maneuverability. The new VNL 300 continues that legacy. It offers an amazingly tight turning radius, making it one of the most maneuverable full-length day cabs in the industry.

Volvo VNL 300 | Volvo Trucks VNL 300 | Volvo Trucks

VOLVO VNL 440 Short Sleeper 42" (Mid Roof)

This highly-maneuverable midroof sleeper is designed to maximize comfort and fuel efficiency for runs that require just a few nights on the road. The design is spacious, enabling drivers to stand fully upright in the cab area. The sleeper provides efficient storage space and accommodates a 35" wide twin mattress to make hours of service compliance easier. The midroof features all the latest aerodynamic advances of the VNL series including a wedge-shaped hood, optional roof fairing, and standard cab side air deflectors with folding extenders for easy back of cab access.

VOLVO VNL 640 Short Sleeper 62" (Mid Roof)

Our mid-length midroof sleeper is perfect for long-haul applications that are weight conscious, like bulk and liquid tankers. The midroof design provides plenty of headroom in both the driving and living areas. The 62" sleeper area packs an impressive array of amenities, including an optional refrigerator and space for a microwave, as well as a full 39" wide standard twin mattress. The VNL 640 also features the same upgraded climate control panel found standard in our larger sleeper models.

VOLVO VNL 660 Medium Sleeper 62" (High Roof)

The full-height VNL 660 is poised to be a favorite of drivers and fleets alike. The 62" sleeper maximizes load capacity for general freight applications while offering a luxurious living environment. The VNL 660 is available with Volvo’s exclusive reclining bunk with a convenient, stowable rear wall table. An upper bunk and plenty of upper storage space make team driving more comfortable during longer periods on the road.

VOLVO VNL 840 Large Sleeper 74" (Mid Roof)

Our premium midroof sleeper is designed for maximum flexibility on long routes with varying loads. It’s the perfect truck for drivers that have proven their worth. The VNL 840 is a 74" sleeper with a midroof design that’s still tall enough to stand inside. It features improved insulation, airline-style window shades, and our updated cabin curtain to seal out light.

VOLVO VNL 860 Large Sleeper 74" (High Roof)

The VNL 860, a premium full-roof sleeper with topof-the-line features, is the flagship sleeper of the VNL line. Roomy and fully loaded, it’s a truck to make drivers proud. This 74" sleeper accommodates our largest mattress for a great night’s rest. Options include our reclining mattress or the versatile pull-down bunk with dinette work area.


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