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New Volvo Blue Service Contact Maximizes Uptime

The Volvo Blue service contract is now available to you. This adaptive, dealer-managed service plan ensures your vehicles are operating at peak efficiency and performance. It is paired with enhanced connectivity and covers all preventative maintenance conveniently scheduled with a focus on maximizing uptime.

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Volvo Blue service contracts connect the truck and local dealership via over-the-air services on-board the truck to monitor the truck’s state-of-health and operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


This new form of premium, adaptive maintenance is managed by the local connected dealership (like us!), who is monitoring the truck’s state-of-health and operations 24/7 by utilizing a suite of over-the-air services on-board the truck.

With your live vehicle data, we can dynamically tailor and schedule maintenance specifically to the truck’s operations, needs and availability. This allows us to work with fleets in a much more predictive way, to proactively address emerging repairs and avoid unplanned stops.

Through planned, preventative and thorough maintenance, including a 74-point inspection plan, dealers help fleets minimize the risk of coming to an unexpected standstill. The Volvo Blue service contract leverages real-time over-the-air truck data to tailor the service plan based on the actual usage and application of an operator’s individual truck. All maintenance is undertaken when it best suits the customer and follows a predetermined schedule to minimize disruptions to operations, reduce time spent at a dealership and provide customers with more predictable maintenance costs.

If you're driving a Volvo Truck, it's also vital to keep the on-board software and sophisticated technologies that are now standard in tip-top shape.


  1. Over-the-air Remote Diagnostics and Remote Programming suite.

  2. All work is performed by highly skilled Volvo certified technicians who have access to specialized equipment, diagnostic tools, and the database systems.

  3. Only genuine or authorized Volvo parts are used.

  4. Real-time monitoring and managing of all software and recall updates.

  5. Fixed service fees that can be spread evenly throughout the chosen contract period duration of 12 to 60 months.

  6. Convenient billing via your preferred bank draft (ACH) account or loan bundle.


Don't get left behind. By utilizing remote diagnostic services to proactively identify anticipated breakdowns, we'll already have your vehicle’s diagnostic data before you arrive. We'll be ready for you before you drive up for your scheduled preferred service time.

It's a win-win for you and us. You keep your truck on the road and performing at maximum efficiency, and we can better plan and provide service.


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